The search for accommodation, whether in university residences of the University of Porto or in private accommodation is up to the student. Here we identify some entities that offer accommodation in Porto specifically for higher education students. The School only intends to facilitate the access of its students to this information, not assuming any responsibility arising from any contacts that its students may have with these entities.

University Residence

The University of Porto has 9 university residences for the accommodation of its students, with priority being given to scholarship holders covered by the Scholarship System who, due to distance or difficulty of transport, cannot reside with the family during the school year.
Applications are made after enrolment, through the U.Porto Social Action Services

Private accommodation

FEP has established partnerships with some entities with advantageous conditions for students of the School.


SASUP scholarships

Scholarships are granted in accordance with the Rules for the Awarding of Scholarships to Students in Higher Education.

Other scholarships

There are also other scholarships that students can apply for.