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4 years

* Tuition fees for the academic year 2023/24 (Full Tuition Fee). More information here.

**A limited number of activities may take place during working hours.

The School of Economics and Management of the University of Porto (FEP) was created in 1953 “to promote the teaching and culture of the economic sciences”. After more than six decades, FEP is recognized for the high quality of its faculty and the excellence of its scientific research, which is materialized namely in the distinct professional quality and capacity of its alumni.The PhD programme in Business and Management Studies, created in 2006, aims to offer students top knowledge with the quality that distinguishes the institution that hosts it, provide them with the respective public recognition, as well as enable them to be integrated into a dynamic and internationalized community research.The PhD programme in Business and Management Studies includes a course and a thesis. Students can choose one of five areas of specialisation  (Accounting and Management Control, Finance, Marketing and Strategy, Operations and Logistics, Organisation and Human Resources).

The high number of applicants, as well as the significant number of completed theses and publications (journal papers and conference papers), as a result of research carried out during the PhD programme in Business and Management Studies, testify to the fact that the work done has been fruitful.

Carlos Alves
Director of the PhD in Business and Management Studies

PhDs > PhD in Business and Management Studies

PhDs > PhD in Business and Management Studies

Target group

The Programme aims to promote the training of researchers in the area of Business and Management Studies. Applicants who wish to enroll in this programme must be highly motivated:

  • To become a full member of the international research community of management scholars;
  • To participate in international conferences;
  • To submit the research for publication in international academic journals.

Candidates are expected to have earned a master’s degree from an accredited institution in business and management studies or economics. Candidates who have not previously completed a master’s degree in these fields may be required to attend specific training sessions prior to taking the remaining courses in their degree plan. Satisfying minimal standards does not guarantee admission. Admission decisions are based on a number of factors such as the academic degrees and records, the statement of purpose (motivation letter), and relevant research experience. In the statement of purpose, candidates should describe their research interests and aspirations, and motivation to pursue a doctorate degree.

Entry into the highest academic degree is not an action to be taken lightly. The pursuit of the doctorate requires a considerable personal sacrifice and time available on the part of the aspirant.

Student profile

Data referring to the 2022/2023 academic year.

PhDs > PhD in Business and Management Studies

Career Opportunities

PhDs in Business and Management Studies are qualified to pursue professional or academic careers, such as:

  • Teaching and research in higher education institutions
  • Banks, Insurance Companies and Audit and Consulting Companies
  • Regulatory authorities
  • Public or private companies from various sectors of activity

PhDs > PhD in Business and Management Studies


Miguel Tavares
Miguel Tavares

“I believe that the most disctintive feature of this PhD programme is the world class researchers that the School has in house. They can really help you to take your research to the next level. Most of the non elective courses are one to one, with a supervising professor and that is really important, because they allow you to really customize and direct all your efforts according to what you want to research, what you want to achieve.”

Catarina Fernandes
Catarina Fernandes

“Attending the PhD in Business and Management Studies at the School of Economics and Management of the University of Porto proved to be an extremely enriching personal and professional experience, allowing me to acquire, deepen and share a wide range of knowledge and develop solid personal relationships. Endowed with a teaching staff of excellent quality, fostering rigorous scientific research alongside the practical component, the PhD in Business and Management Studies is undeniably playing an important role in my professional activity as a researcher and Professor of higher education. Given the quality, based on rigour and demand, I strongly recommend the PhD in Business and Management Studies.”

PhDs > PhD in Business and Management Studies

Other information

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More information here.

More information here.

Accounting for biological assets: Disclosure, measurement and value relevance”, Rute Daniela das Neves Lopes da Silva Gonçalves;;
Supervisor: Patrícia Viana

Exploring social marketing policies: The use of positive and negative emotional appeals in health advertising in four European countries”, Beatriz da Graça Luz Casais,;
area of specialisation in Marketing and Strategy; Supervisor: João Proença.

Aligning entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and growth opportunities in entrepreneurial financing decisions: A real options approach“, Miguel de Oliveira Tavares Gärtner;;
Supervisors: Paulo Pereira e Elísio Brandão.

On business analytics: Dynamic network analysis for descriptive analytics and multicriteria decision analysis for prescriptive analytics”, Márcia Daniela Barbosa de Oliveira;;
Supervisors: João Gama e Dalila Fontes.

The impact of corporate governance on the European banking sector: The case of the 2007-2008 financial crisis.”, Catarina Alexandra Alves Fernandes;;
Supervisor: Jorge Farinha; Co-supervisor: Francisco Martins.

Essays on Anti-Corruption Disclosure”, Renata Blanc Esteves Bento de Melo;;
Supervisor: Manuel Castelo Branco; Co-Supervisor: Dennis M. Patten.

Ageism in the workplace: Stereotype threat, work disengagement and organizational disidentification among older workers”, Eduardo André da Silva Oliveira;;
Supervisor: Carlos Cabral Cardoso.

O Impacto dos Tipos de Sistema Financeiro, de Sistema Legal, de Sistema de Governo Empresarial e de Outros Fatores Institucionais do País do Mutuário na Taxa de Juro de Empréstimos Sindicados. ” Nuno Filipe Lopes Moutinho
Supervisor: Carlos Alves; Co-supervisor: Francisco Martins

Oliveira Marques Award best thesis project: Bernado Marques
Oliveira Marques Award for best thesis: Catarina Fernandes

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